Online Resources for Project Based Learning

Today was the last day of a three-day professional development (PD) regarding project based learning (PBL). This PD was facilitated by Illinois Math & Science Academy (IMSA). Since I work at a STEM school, I have to teach skills within… Continue Reading

STEM Career Day

On June 15, 2015, Earle STEM Academy will host STEM Career Day. I selected three group leaders to design an investigation of a STEM career. They chose to research: Civil Engineer, Web Developer, and Microbiologist. The leader of each group… Continue Reading

Create an Environment for Learning

Creating an environment for learning is the foundation for all instruction within a classroom. It is critical that the foundation is solid in order to build the learning community in the classroom. Classroom Instruction That Works identified five activities that… Continue Reading

Develop Students’ Understanding

As depicted in the graphic above, understanding information is a process. Although the process is not always linear, students have to first acquire information.  The acquisition of information can occur in many ways. Often times, students are only given two ways… Continue Reading

Extend and Apply Students’ Understanding

Classroom Instruction That Works lists two strategies that are designed to extend and apply students’ understanding – Identifying Similarities and Differences and Generating and Testing Hypotheses. If you refer back to Develop Students’ Understanding, you will see that we discussed… Continue Reading