Goal of Instruction

With an emphasis on critical thinking and analysis, and empowering scenarios through an engaging approach to looking at the real world, students will discuss and solve problems frequently. They will learn to question, analyze, and argue their thinking through varied mathematical skills and practices.



1.Attend class daily and come prepared to learn.

2.Know your username and password to begin class promptly.

3.Assignments should be submitted on the due date.

Student Responsibility

  • Student activities will be updated regularly on www.drcrystalbrowon.com.
  • Please check grades regularly and feel free to ask any questions.
  • If students are absent, they are responsible for completing make-up work and getting all notes that are posted online at www.drcrystalbrown.com. (one day for make-up for each day absent).

Classroom Expectations

To ensure the climate of the classroom is conducive to learning, Dr. Brown and students will always:

  • Be respectful.
  • Be responsible.
  • Be ready to learn.

Class Materials

  • composition notebooks (Red only for math)
  • pencils and sharpener w/cover
  • colored pencils
  • scissors
  • glue sticks
  • 2-pocket folders w/3 prongs (Red only for math)
  • loose-leaf notebook paper
  • graph paper
  • protractor
  • pencil case
  • Math Workbooks

Students should bring supplies to school daily; they will not be allowed to go to their lockers or to another classroom once they are in math class. Parents should make sure supplies are replenished. 

Grading Policy

  • Grades are posted weekly. https://aspen.cps.edu
  • Parents will receive a weekly progress report on Fridays via email. 
  • So that parents are aware of homework assignments, students will be given a weekly homework calendar on the first day of the week and they should return it with a parent’s signature the following day.

Attendance Policy

  • Attendance is necessary for students to perform well in school.
  • School starts at 8:45 a.m. Students are marked tardy at 8:46 a.m.
  • There will be weekly incentives and a raffle for students with perfect attendance. Perfect means present on time daily.
  • An excused absence does not excuse students from learning activities or work that is due.
  • When students return to school from an absence, they should do the following:
    1. Review Class Notes for the day to understand the learning activities that took place.
    2. Copy any notes.
    3. Retrieve any handouts or worksheets from the Absent Student drawer. There will be papers for students from all four classes in the same drawer; students must only take the papers with their names on it. 
    4. Make up all assignments. Students will be given one school day for every day they were absent. It is students’ responsibility to submit their make-up work in the appropriate drawer. I will not ask students to submit the work from their absence. 

Homework Policy (Updated 09/05/23)

  • At the beginning of each week, students will receive a homework calendar for all of their homework assignments for the week. There is a space at the bottom of the calendar for parents to sign at beginning of the week. I document whether or not parents sign the weekly calendar, because it lets me know that the parent is aware of the homework assignments.
  • Homework can be:
    • Math problems in their math workbook.
    • Math problems written directly on the calendar. Students will have to complete the problems in their composition books. 
    • Math problems on a worksheet, which will be attached to the calendar. Students will have to complete the problems on the worksheet, if there is space or in their composition books. 
  • Homework is not graded. It is an opportunity for students to practice a skill they are learning. At the beginning of each class period, students must have their homework out on their desks. I walk around to make sure all homework problems were attempted, and students showed their calculations. If students meet both criteria, then they receive a stamp. (For years, I stamped students’ homework calendar and collected the calendars at the end of the week to count the stamps and issue a grade. However, I updated the policy because too many students do not keep up with their calendars and too many students submitted stamped calendars with no name or parent signature.) I document who received a stamp in my gradebook. Then, at the end of the week, students receive a weekly homework grade based on their completion of the homework assignments. For example, there were 4 homework assignments the first week of school. Students should have 4 checks in my gradebook. If they do, then they have 100% for their homework grade. If they only completed 3 out of the 4 homework assignments, then they have a B, 89%, for their weekly homework grade. If students do not receive 100% for their weekly homework grade, this means they were missing a homework assignment, or they did not meet the criteria for acceptable homework. Since I no longer collect calendars with stamps on them, I will not know what assignments a student is missing.
  • Homework is reviewed the day it is due. Therefore, no late homework is accepted unless a student is absent on the day it is due. Absent students must return to school with their homework, if they were in attendance on the day the homework was assigned. 
  • Usually when homework is reviewed, the answers will be posted on the board. Students should check their work. If they have any questions wrong and they don’t understand how, then they should ask to see the calculation and for an explanation. 


Communication with parents is imperative to the success of students in school. The Remind app will be used for communicating with students’ parents. Please make sure you sign up to receive my messages related to math instruction. Please use your child’s homeroom number to sign up for the appropriate messages. 

Room 219

Text @mla219math to the number 81010.

Use the link: Room 219 Remind Sign Up

Room 216

Text @mla216math to the number 81010.

Use the link: Room 216 Remind Sign Up

Room 218

Text @mla218math to the number 81010.

Use the link: Room 218 Remind Sign Up

Room 210

Text @mla210math to the number 81010.

Use the link: Room 210 Remind Sign Up