Print and Go Math Bundle for 5th and 6th Grades

Lowest Price Ever – $ 7.50 Plus get an additional 20 % off on August 3rd and 4th. Visit Dr Crystal Brown TpT Store.

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Print and Go Math Bundle

Do you need help providing math practice specific to students’ needs according to the Learning Continuum? This bundle provides students with a daily dose of…

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NWEA Fusion 2015 Conference – RIT 101

I had the pleasure of attending the Fusion 2015 Conference in Chicago, IL on July 7th – 9th. The conference increased my understanding of the…

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STEM Career Day

On June 15, 2015, Earle STEM Academy will host STEM Career Day. I selected three group leaders to design an investigation of a STEM career.…

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NWEA Resources

Although I provide quality instruction (tooting my own horn … lol), I like to provide my students with multiple resources to prepare them for the…

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Genius Hour

In October, I read an article Kids pursue passions during ‘genius hour’ at Centennial Arts Academy. I meant to blog about it, but never did.…

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Retake Test Contract

I have a confession … my students haven’t been performing well on tests. It’s the beginning of the school year and the coursework will not…

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Week in Review

I like for students to be able to see how everything we do within a week is connecting together. All too often, students assume they…

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Vocabulary Development

The Frayer Model has been used on cards for years by teachers to help develop students’ vocabulary. I have found that students have a hard…

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Current Events

Now that I am teaching Social Studies (or Social Science as CPS calls it), I feel that it is only appropriate for a middle schooler…

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