Teaching Students to Self-Evaluate

I am always thinking of ways to improve my craft as a teacher. At the end of each two-week unit, I reflect on my teaching. I determine how successful my instructional strategies were by analyzing student data. I also talk… Continue Reading

Targeting High Achievers in Middle School Math

In every classroom, there are students with varying levels of understanding regardless of the content. Teachers have a enormous task of reaching all those levels to help them meet or exceed the learning standards. Math is a subject that presents… Continue Reading

Frayer Word Cards for Math

In order for you to be able to solve problems, you have to understand what the question is asking you to do. This means you must know the vocabulary associated with the problem. Creating Frayer Word Cards has many benefits: Defining the term… Continue Reading

Five Ways to Increase Students’ NWEA Math Scores

I believe every teacher wants to see their students grow. Students’ growth make us feel like our work is not in vain. Their growth validates us as teachers. Enough with the selfishness … students should feel like all of their… Continue Reading

Connecting with Parents

Engaging parents is critical to my success as a teacher. Therefore, I have to be intentional and creative with the means, by which, I communicate. Many school districts have adopted online gradebooks to keep parents informed, but it doesn’t work… Continue Reading

FREEBIE Halloween Math FOR 3rd Grade

Need multiplication practice for your third graders? Look no further! FREEBIE Halloween Math Practice for 3rd Grade This set of three math worksheets provides 3rd graders with multiplication practice while learning fun facts about Halloween. An answer key is included. … Continue Reading

Don’t Start Your School Year Without …

Bloom’s Taxonomy Math Prompts Many authors write materials for teachers to use Bloom’s Taxonomy during Reading. From this, teachers create activities for students to complete or questions for students to answer that scaffold students’ learning while reading fiction or non-fiction… Continue Reading

Online Resources for Project Based Learning

Today was the last day of a three-day professional development (PD) regarding project based learning (PBL). This PD was facilitated by Illinois Math & Science Academy (IMSA). Since I work at a STEM school, I have to teach skills within… Continue Reading

Microsoft OneNote – 21st Century Organization Tool for Teachers

When I started teaching 21 years ago, I used a big three-ring binder with dividers to stay organized. I put my notes and handouts from meetings in the binder, as well as, my grade book. Additionally, I included my parent… Continue Reading

5 Great Websites for Teaching Digital Citizenship

Below is a list of websites that I use with my students in order to teach digital citizenship. Net Smart Workshop has a variety of resources that teachers can download to educate students regarding basic Internet safety. The site has… Continue Reading