• This week, we will begin using Learner Choice Boards in Math. This gives each student the opportunity to select the three assignments they want to complete in order to demonstrate mastery of the skill for the week.
  • There will only be one skill taught per week until students develop the stamina for the rigor that I typically use during instruction.
  • There is school on Veterans’Day, Wednesday, November 11, 2020. CPS switched the days off this year. Students and staff were given Election Day off this year in exchange for Veterans’ Day.
  • Due Dates – Please pay attention to due dates. Students will be given one week after the due date to submit missing work or to improve a grade.
    • 11/10/20 – Homework given on 11/09/20
    • 11/11/20 – Homework given on 11/10/20
    • 11/11/20 – Class Notes from 11/09/20
    • 11/12/20 – Homework given on 11/11/20
    • 11/12/20 – Practice Test
    • 11/13/20 – Learner Choice Board
    • 11/13/20 – Test

Learner Choice Board

Choice boards give students choice! Students should complete choice board to gain the skills needed for the test on Friday. So, it is imperative for students to complete their choice boards on time. The activities on the choice boards are not activities to keep student busy. They are activities designed to stretch students’ thinking conceptually and skills mathematically.

Room 305 Learner Choice Board

Room 306 Learner Choice Board

Room 307 Learner Choice Board

Room 308 Learner Choice Board


Room 305 Homework

Room 306 Homework

Room 307 Homework

Room 308 Homework

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