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I talked to many parents yesterday and I can tell you are eager for your children to get back on track to learning. I, too, am eager to return to teaching. Unfortunately, this pandemic has us teaching and learning remotely, but I’m sure we can be successful with the structure and support Fort Dearborn and CPS have provided. The purpose of this email is to provide you with the information your child needs to attend classes online starting Tuesday, September 8, 2020 at 8 a.m.

Login Credentials

  • Username: Every student should know their username. It never changes.
  • Password: All of my homeroom students will use this password, which I cannot post online.

Google Classroom

  • CPS generated all the online classrooms in Google Classroom that your child will need this school year.
  • All classrooms can be accessed by going to classroom.google.com. Links to your child’s classes are included in their schedule below.
  • All Math assignments will be posted in Google Classroom. I cannot speak for other teachers, but CPS is requiring teachers to use Google Classroom as the main platform for learning.
  • Students are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that is conducive to learning. The same expectations apply online as in person.

Google Meets

  • Teachers will generate online meeting rooms for the classes they teach.
  • Links to the meeting rooms are included in the students’ schedule below.
  • If you don’t see a link to a meeting, you can visit the respective Google Classroom to get the link or the teacher will email your student a link.
  • Students should turn on their cameras and keep them on for the duration of their classes.
  • Students should mute their microphones when they are not speaking to the class. Using headphones is great, but not necessary.
  • Students should wear proper attire when they are attending meetings. They should have no head gear on and no pajamas on.
  • It would be great for students to sit at a table in a chair, because this will keep them attentive and engaged throughout the school day. Students should not be in bed during class.
  • Students will have to click different links throughout the day to access their various meeting rooms.
  • Students will have breaks between classes to use the restroom or to stretch. Teachers will also provide brain breaks during their classes.
  • Students should not use the chat room and break rooms to engage in disruptive behavior. These tools are for collaboration and learning. 
  • Attending all classes  is mandatory. Remote learning is not optional.
  • Attendance will be taken in every class.
  • Students are expected to make up any work they miss due to an absence. Students will be given time to make up the work. Students can get the instruction they miss by visiting my website. All of my notes are posted on my website, http://drcrystalbrown.com/
  • I use Remind, which is an app, to send mass communications to parents. I will sign all of the parents of my homeroom students up to receive text messages. These text messages can also be found on my website, http://drcrystalbrown.com/
  • I send a weekly message to students and parents the first day of every week to provide you with a preview and expectations of the week.
  • Email: clbrown11@cps.edu
  • Phone: (815) 662-5884 
  • The syllabus for my Math class is attached to this post.
  • The supply list is included in the syllabus.
  • syllabus_sy21

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