• CPS posted the new grading policy for the 4th quarter, which includes the promotion requirements. Here’s the link: Remote Learning Grading. Please read the entire webpage and booklet. 
  • Please make sure your student is doing the lessons that I assign in Khan Academy. Students must use their CPS username. This is the only way they can get credit for their assignments. Students should have only one account.
    • 4th Grade Class Code: U4S6HCM6
    • 5th Grade Class Code: 2TPMJFVW
  • New Communication Policy
    • Email – – Parents and students can email me and I will reply by the end of the next workday. 
    • Remind App – I will send mass messages through this app. Parents can reach me through this app. I will reply by the end of the next workday. Parents have to sign up for this service using the information below:
      • 4th Grade Parents – Text @rm205fd to 81010.
      • 5th Grade Parents – Text @rm208fd to 81010.
    • Phone – Parents and students can reach me by phone during my office hours using the phone number, 406-948-2175‬ | PIN: ‪483 131 436#‬. Parents and students should not use my cell phone number. Some parents have saved my personal mobile number from when I called them, and I am getting calls and texts whenever a parent wants to reach me.  So, please discontinue using my cell phone number. 
    • Online Meeting – Parents and students can meet with me online using the link to my office hours. I can only be reached during my office hours. 

Students with Digital Access: 
Students without Digital Access: 
If you do not have digital access at home, then your work can be picked up from the main office Monday – Friday 9am – 1pm. Please return your work for grading on Monday, June 8, 2020, when you pick up your next week’s packet. If you need assistance with any of your work, please contact me during my office hours by phone 406-948-2175‬ | PIN: ‪483 131 436#‬.
Remote Learning Plans


We are a week into our Science project, in which, we are observing the growth of a bean plant. Pictures of the plant that I am growing for those students, who did not get a plant are here: Plant Project. I don’t have pictures for every day of last week, because the plant looked the same as the previous day. So, whatever you write for 05/26/20, write the same thing for 05/27/20 in your journal. Write the same observation for 05/28/20 and 05/29/20. Then, write the same observation for 05/30/20 and 05/31/20. I will try to take more pictures this week. 

Please note: All students have to continue to complete the worksheets (non-digital learners) or online worksheets (digital learners). This week’s assignments deal with the parts of a plant.  You will use the vocabulary you learn when you write your observations. 

Rate your experience with the lesson.
Rate your experience with the lesson.