We are in the homestretch of the school year. It is imperative that students attend school daily and on time. I will have treats for students with perfect attendance every Friday.

Homework Calendar

Below is the homework calendar for the next three weeks. We didn’t have a test on Friday, April 12th. Therefore, those skills will be assessed on the test that will be given on Friday, April 26th. Please review the study guides with your child.


Spring Break RIT Band Packets

Some students received a packet from me to complete during Spring Break. Students received packets based on their needs. These are students, who are not growing as I anticipated. They will need intensive support. Please make sure your child completes this packets, if he/she received one.

Morning Tutoring

I will begin tutoring students starting Tuesday, April 23rd at 8 a.m. This is only for students, who will see Pre-Algebra questions on the NWEA and have excellent attendance. Students, who qualify, will receive a letter on Monday.

Weekly Progress Reports

I will send home weekly progress reports on April 24th. Many students already have missing assignments. Please let’s work together to make sure your child is successful. Please note that CPS has changed the online grade book, Aspen, that teachers use. I included a link to the CPS site that will tell you more information.

Geometry Projects – Due on Thursday, April 25, 2019

Geometry in Your Neighborhood Project

Students have to select a building in Chicago, not necessarily in their neighborhood. Students do not have to sketch the building, if they can take a detailed photo of the building. Students cannot use a photo from the Internet. Students must visit the building to take a picture of it or to sketch it. This way, students can observe and identify all of the geometric details of the building. Students should paste the sketch or 8×10 picture in the middle of a poster and identify all of the geometric shapes – 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional. Students must tell how these figures are used in the construction of the building. Please follow my example and not the project description given in class. Students should also write a paragraph stating where the building is located, when the building was built, how did they discover the building, and explaining why they selected the building. Paste the paragraph on the poster near the bottom.

Below is an example of a poster that I created. I would earn the following points:

Geometry in the Neighborhood_Example Scoring

Geometry in the Neighborhood_Example

Designing a Town Map Project

Students will have to design a town that meets criteria outlined in the project. Students should use a ruler to sketch the streets. Students can use cutout shapes to represent the buildings in the town.

Below is an example of a town map along with two set of directions from one place to another. This project will earn the following points:

Designing a Town Map Project_Example Scoring

Imaginary Town

Going from the Police Station to the Gas Station Directions 1:

  • Travel east on South Street to Sunshine Street, and turn right.
  • Travel north on Sunshine Street Ridgecrest Road, and turn left.
  • Travel west on Ridgecrest Road for two blocks; the gas station will be on the right.

Going from the Police Station to the Gas Station Directions 2:

  • Travel west on South Street to Bayside Boulevard, and turn right.
  •  Travel northeast on Bayside Boulevard; turn left onto Forest Avenue.
  • Take Forest Ave to West Way; turn right and drive one block. The gas station will be on the left.


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