Week of 10/29/18

On Monday, students will receive Weeks 9 – 10 Homework Calendar. They should show me their parent’s signature on the calendar when they return to school Tuesday.

We will study the following topics over the next two weeks:

4th Grade – Subtracting multi-digit numbers using place strategies.

5th Grade – Dividing decimals using place value strategies and estimation. Solving word problems by computing decimals.

This is the last week of the quarter. The best way for students to improve their grades is to retake a math test that they did not do master. Mastery is determined by earning at 70% on an assessment. I will be available to re-administer math tests on Tuesday and Wednesday at 8 a.m. Students need to arrive on time. Since I only have 30 laptops, only the first 30 students will be allowed to retake assessments.

I will no longer offer tutoring, since this is the end of the quarter. If I see a need for it again, then I will offer it. I believe all students understand the dedication and organization that is needed to be successful in math. Below are some pointers for parents to guarantee their student’s success:

  • Compare your child’s composition book with my Class Notes.
  • Monitor the completion of your child’s homework by looking at the Homework Calendar nightly.
  • Compare your child’s homework answers to the homework answers once answers are posted.
  • Have your child play the online games that I post.
  • Review Exit Slips with your child.

Spirit Week is over! Students are back in uniform … yayyyy!

I have something special planned for my homeroom on Wednesday, Halloween! Students must be well-behaved on Monday and Tuesday for the special treat. I’ll send a text Tuesday evening with the details.

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