Week of 10/22/18

It’s Spirit Week at Brown Academy!!! Every day of the week is dedicated to a cause, so we are going to wear the color that represents the cause.

Monday – Anti-Bullying Day – Orange

Tuesday – Domestic Violence Awareness Day – Purple

Wednesday – Breast Cancer Awareness Day – Pink

Thursday – College and Career Readiness Day – Collegiate Wear

Friday – Ronald H. Brown Day – Brown Academy Gear

If students’ do not wear clothing to represent the designated days, then they must be in uniform.

Students were given weekly progress reports today. These reports reflect students work habits, attendance, effort and attitude toward work, and behavior during the week beginning 10/15/18.

Students should still use their homework assignment sheet from last week. It is good for two weeks, which includes this week.

There will be a test on Friday. Student should use their notes and workbooks to study for their tests. Students will be given their graded work by Thursday to also help them prepare for their tests.,

Every student, who has less than 70%, received a student improvement plan  last Monday that details how he/she can improve their grades by the end of the 1st quarter. I wrote a message on some students’ plan stating that they need to attending tutoring sessions that I will be hosting on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 8am. This is not open to every student. It is invitation only.

Please make sure your are reviewing your student’s composition book. Compare their notes to my class notes. Please make sure they copy everything.

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