Week of 01/16/17


  • We are finished with NWEA Testing. The majority of the students demonstrated growth. Almost all students grew in the Math Goals that were taught, thus far. Some students already met their end of the year target while some students exceeded their end of the year targets. Overall, I am pleased with what I see and I am anticipating much growth by the end of the year.
  • Since test scores have changed, new small groups will be formed this week. 7th and 8th graders will start a new unit this week, so new small groups will form for them anyway. Small groups are formed based on students’ RIT band for a particular Math Goal. Students’ Math NWEA scores increase based on small group instruction. Students’ grades in Math are based on whole group instruction.
  • Students will receive a weekly homework sheet. They are responsible for completing only the problems for that day unless otherwise noted. Each day, students will receive a stamp on their homework sheet, if they completed the homework for the previous day. I will collect the homework after the last night’s homework assignment for the week. Students will receive a grade for the week. However, the daily homework stamp will count toward participation, because we will review the homework daily in class. If the homework is not complete, then students’ participation will be hindered.

Common Core Standards

We are working on the following standards this week:  6.NS.5 – 8, 7.EE.1, 8.G.1-4. Click on the link for your standard to access instructional videos, informational websites, and online games to help develop the skills.

Class Assignments

If you are absent, please make sure you make up your work upon your return to school.

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