Although I provide quality instruction (tooting my own horn … lol), I like to provide my students with multiple resources to prepare them for the NWEA. I think it is important to show them the continuum of learning for each goal. So, I develop worksheets to help them experience it. Here’s a snapshot of a math worksheet I developed for fourth graders a few years ago. I have developed similar for the seventh and eighth graders that I currently teach. They will be available in my Teachers Pay Teachers Store soon.

Sample NWEA Worksheet


I also like to provide my students with web resources. Here are some of websites that my students use:

NWEA RIT to Resource 

NWEA MAP to Khan Academy

South Washington County Schools Math Resources

Belle Plaine Schools NWEA MAP Interactive Activities by RIT

I will update this page with more web resources  soon. In the meantime, share some of the sites you use by responding to this post.

I often share the following NWEA grade level equivalency data with my students, so that, they can see where they are and establish goals for where they want to be.

NWEA Grade Level Equivalency Table

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